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    Sani-environmental serves NY, NJ, CT, MA,MD,PA,DE

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    Sani Environmental Services, Corp

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  • Fight Back and Beat Pests, Lint, Dirt and Grease

    It's tough to manage property when the odds are heavily stacked against you.

    Insects outnumber you 200 million to one, the rat population is equal to the human population and there’s even more mice than rats. In your laundry room, lint buildup can endanger everyone in the building. If you have a garbage chute, roaches and bugs have free reign on the property. Air conditioning systems can spread sickening mold and disease. Restaurants and commercial kitchens face danger and fines if they don’t keep their venting systems free of grease. Whether you’re running an apartment building, nursing home, business establishment or any kind of facility how can you even the odds against you?

    So many problems to deal with, so many specialists to know. Until now you needed an overstuffed rolodex to keep track of whom you needed to call for each problem. You could spend the day just staying on top of everyone to see if the all the work was done. What a nightmare! Luckily there’s one magic number you need to make these nightmares go away.Sani-Environmental Services is a group of specialty companies who can solve your headaches because they have created a group approach to attacking your problems. Each group of specialized wizardsare equipped with latest in high tech equipment and you have our army of specialists at your disposal just by calling 718 477-1870.

    Click here to contact us by email or Call 718 477-1870 now eliminate your headaches.

    While we clean your garbage chutes and compactor room we can also call in our exterminating team who will treat the inside of the chute and room so that it will stay bug free. This holistic approach means you will have lower operating costs because our white glove clean treatment stays clean better than anyone else’s. Our mold specialists will zap mold fungi in your HVAC system and prevent it from coming back. When we clean your boiler room we can call in our plumbers to repair your system and keep it humming.Each service we provide represents a smarter approach for management.

    Our teamwork is so efficient and cost effective that we can guarantee our services at flat fee rates. We’ll charge you only one flat fee to keep your facility in top shape for one year.

    How good are we? Our satisfied client list includes names like The Trump organization, Maimonides Hospital and many other recognizable names. Mold removal, grease, lint, pests, compactor parts and repairs and a whole list of services done by one of the biggest and most proven companies in the business. It’s all available with one call. Call 718 477-1870 now and eliminate your headaches.

    Click here to contact us by email or Call 718 477-1870 now for spectacular service.

    What are you waiting for? Call us now at 718 477-1870 and let our army fight off the elements for you.

  • SaniEnvironmental makes sure your ducts provide only spotless air to your facility

    Inside a hospital air conditioning duct before and after. Sani-Environmental will make sure your ducts provide only spotless air to your facility.

    SaniEnvironmental sanitizes and pest proofs your chutes like no one else

    Chute cleaning before and after. Sani-Environmental keeps your chutes spotless and pest free like no one else can.

    SaniEnvironmental will keep your HVAC air pure and clean for years guaranteed

    HVAC system registers before and after cleaning by Sani-Environmental technicians. We’ll keep your AC and Heating air pure and free of dangerous mold and bacteria.

    SaniEnvironmental gets rid of clogged ducts that can start fires

    This clogged dryer vent duct may soon cause a major fire to your property. A Sani-Environmental service contract will make sure this vent will be inspected regularly and catastrophe will be prevented.